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This Man's Drawings Of Life With His Wife And Kids Are So Sweet, You Might Tear Up

These are getting all up in my feels.

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Curtis Wiklund is a wedding photographer who, over the past few years, has taken to drawing memorable moments of his life with his wife, Jordin, and their children, Casen and Hayden.

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"I first started drawing as a little kid," Wiklund told BuzzFeed. "Then, art took a back seat to music for a good portion of my life, until I started dating a girl named Jordin. It was how I told her something that I couldn’t figure out how to say with words." Jordin encouraged her husband to start drawing something every day, and before long, he realized that his favorite things to draw were times he shared with Jordin.

Wiklund said he draws whatever moves him in the moment. Sometimes, it's the different phases of how he and his wife sleep in their bed.

Curtis Wiklund / Via

"I found myself wanting to draw all of those moments, so that I’d never forget them," Wiklund said. "Jordin has always been the primary source of moments that make me feel. It’s like I’m more in touch with reality through her. My kids are starting to do that to me as well, make me feel deeply."


Wiklund's been drawing what he calls his "Us" sketches since 2011, but in 2016 they took on a heavier meaning when he and his wife suffered a miscarriage.

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"Our first miscarriage was so unexpected that I didn’t know how to process it," he said. "When I got home, all I could think was that I wanted to draw it. It didn’t feel real until I drew us. Then I stared at the picture and wept. Yes, it was healing."


"Some people have said the drawings have actually increased their own love for their spouse or kids," Wiklund said. "This wrecks me, that something so beautiful could happen as a result of me sharing the things I care about."