This Groom Surprised His Grandma In The Hospital On His Wedding Day

Crying forever, bye.

1. When Peg McCormack broke her ankle just before her grandson Brian Kurtilik’s Nov. 7 wedding, the family didn’t think she’d be able to be a part of the special day.

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Brian is McCormack’s first grandchild to get married; he and his wife Lauren tied the knot at the same New Jersey church where McCormack got married decades ago. His parents had also gotten married at the church, so the whole day was infused with extra significance.

2. Instead of letting her miss out, Brian and Lauren took a detour on the way to their reception to pay McCormack a visit at the rehabilitation center she was in.

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3. McCormack — who thought that the couple was going to stop by the day after the wedding before they headed out of town — was stunned to see them there in their wedding finest.

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“She just kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re here!’ and ‘I finally have a granddaughter!’ and thanking them profusely for coming to see her,” their photographer Rachel Nolan told BuzzFeed Life.

4. Even though she couldn’t attend, McCormack had still gotten dressed up in her wedding outfit, shoes, and corsage that morning.

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“She was all dressed up and just hanging out, like she was there in spirit,” Lauren told ABC News. “I walked in first and her mouth flew open. She was just staring at me and then Brian walked in.”

5. Brian and Lauren spent half an hour visiting with the 91-year-old McCormack, who had been “living” for the wedding day, Nolan said.

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McCormack had only been told on the morning of the wedding that she wasn’t going to be able to attend.

6. “She lived only a half-hour away and was a big part of our lives growing up,” Brian told ABC News. “Anything going on in our lives, she was there.”

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7. McCormack passed away a month after the wedding, but now the newlyweds have the photos to cherish forever.

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