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This Groom Saved A Guest's Life At His Wedding

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "first responder."

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Unlike many brides, Kelly Campbell wasn’t worried about too much when she married her firefighter fiancé Cody last weekend.

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"I was mostly just nervous to actually walk down the aisle," Kelly told BuzzFeed Life. "Having all eyes on you, it’s overwhelming, but I wanted to focus on Cody and I and the sacrament of marriage."

Their California church ceremony went off without a hitch, as did the first part of their reception.

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In fact, their whole wedding was as uneventful as any bride or groom might hope — until Cody's father Craig, who was also his best man, was giving his speech.

Craig, a former firefighter himself, was wrapping up the toast when Cody's mother shouted, "She's choking!"

Royal Films / Via

A relative of Kelly's had gotten a piece of steak lodged in her throat and was unable to breathe.


Drawing on his firefighter training skills, Cody literally sprang out of his chair at the sweetheart table to assist the guest.

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"My heart just sank," Kelly said of her first reaction. "We were in a completely different mindset, laughing, drinking, so I stood up in shock and completely froze once I realized what was going on."

"You see it happen in movies and on TV, but in person, it's very frightening, especially at such a wonderful celebration," she said.

Their videographer, Richard Saenz of Royal Films, turned off his camera immediately.

Cody performed about five chest compressions on the guest and the steak eventually shot out her mouth.

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His quick thinking most likely saved the guest's life — though other guests had called 911 and were ready to help, she needed no other medical assistance.

Kelly had never witnessed her now-husband save someone's life before, but his heroics didn't surprise her.

Cami Jane Photography / Via

"I've had the opportunity to watch him take calls at the station, so I know how quickly he needs to move when he's working," she said. "It was a true heroic moment for all of us to watch, and a special moment we'll remember forever from our wedding reception."