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This Couple's "101 Dalmatians" Engagement Shoot Is What Disney Dreams Are Made Of

Dogs are an engagement photo's best friend.

FACT: 101 Dalmatians features one of the best meet-cutes in movie history.

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What single gal or guy doesn't hope this will happen when they buy a dog?

Corinne Jones, a Chicago-area teacher, knows — she suggested to her fiancé Tony Collier that they re-create the adorable scene for their engagement pictures.

Collier, a Disney lover, jumped at the idea.

For the shoot, they swapped out the movie's titular spotted pups for their own dogs, Izzy and Mookie.

Because dog = god spelled backward, Izzy and Mookie were on their best behavior for their photo shoot.

The couple thrifted for the majority of their costumes, and Jones DIYed her hat with construction paper and felt.

With happy dogs and decent weather, Jones said the biggest struggle was perfecting their facial expressions.

That and carrying around buckets for water for the moment when Roger and Anita get pulled into the pond.

Regardless, Jones nailed the "damsel in distress" look.

After they saw the finished product, they posted the photos to Facebook, and then to Imgur and Reddit, where the response was positive, to say the least.

As of now, Jones said they haven't thought about how they might Disney-fy their wedding.