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This Couple's "101 Dalmatians" Engagement Shoot Is What Disney Dreams Are Made Of

Dogs are an engagement photo's best friend.

FACT: 101 Dalmatians features one of the best meet-cutes in movie history.

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What single gal or guy doesn't hope this will happen when they buy a dog?

Corinne Jones, a Chicago-area teacher, knows — she suggested to her fiancé Tony Collier that they re-create the adorable scene for their engagement pictures.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"I've always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale — they were believable characters who didn't just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell," Jones told BuzzFeed Life. "Pongo had to take the first step."

Collier, a Disney lover, jumped at the idea.

Rusty Lion Art / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"Tony grew up doing musical theater and can be a total ham, so it didn't take much convincing to get him on board," Jones said. Their relationship, which started at a marching band formal at the University of Illinois in 2009, has been sprinkled with Disney magic. Their first vacation together was to Disney World, and they both worked in Magic Kingdom after graduation.

Even Collier's scavenger hunt proposal paid homage to Jones' love for Disney villains. "It ended with a picture of me as Cruella de Vil, my favorite character, and he as one of my henchmen Horace saying, he didn't want a princess, he wanted a villain," Jones told BuzzFeed Life.

For the shoot, they swapped out the movie's titular spotted pups for their own dogs, Izzy and Mookie.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"Izzy and Mookie, although a bit older, pudgier, and sans spots, are the greatest family pets and we wanted to make them an indelible part of our memories," Jones told BuzzFeed Life.

They also enlisted Collier's cousin Melissa Biggerstaff, a photographer, to take their pictures, and selected Illinois' Lake Katherine (near his family's house) as the shoot location.

Because dog = god spelled backward, Izzy and Mookie were on their best behavior for their photo shoot.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"My old lady Izzy [a mastiff mix] prefers the relaxation of home, but she was so happy with all of us there," Jones said. "Mookie [a black lab mix] is much more hyper and needed some coaxing with treats. He does not like when we cuddle in general because he wants to be cuddling with us as well, but soon he saw a treat, he could have cared less."

"Those treats did actually send me tumbling down a few times when the leashes were wrapped around us," she added.

The couple thrifted for the majority of their costumes, and Jones DIYed her hat with construction paper and felt.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

With happy dogs and decent weather, Jones said the biggest struggle was perfecting their facial expressions.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

They clearly nailed it.

That and carrying around buckets for water for the moment when Roger and Anita get pulled into the pond.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

Spoiler: Jones and Collier didn't actually go into the lake.

Regardless, Jones nailed the "damsel in distress" look.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

After they saw the finished product, they posted the photos to Facebook, and then to Imgur and Reddit, where the response was positive, to say the least.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"We were expecting to get some love from Disney fans, but since then the reaction to the photos has been crazy," Jones said. "We have received a lot of positive feedback and we love seeing fellow Disney fans enjoying the photos."

As of now, Jones said they haven't thought about how they might Disney-fy their wedding.

Melissa Biggerstaff / Via Facebook: Rustylionart

"Honestly, we hadn't planned much beyond these photos," she said. "We might incorporate some Disney aspects into our shower, bachelor, and bachelorette party, but as for the wedding, we'll just have to wait and see. We've always been huge Disney fans and we don't see that changing anytime soon!"