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This Bride's "Certificate Of Purity" Is Causing A Huge Debate Online

She followed through with a covenant she made with her father when she was 13.

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Maryland bride Brelyn Bowman's wedding story is sparking a major discussion about how far women should go to prove their virginity.


In the photo above, Bowman is seen having her father-daughter dance with her dad, Mike Freeman, a pastor, during her Oct. 10 wedding to singer Tim Bowman Jr.

Her caption says, "Another one of my favs! Dancing with my first love! ❤️ I was able to present a certificate of purity to him signed by my doctor that my hymen was still intact. Also the covenant he gave me when I was 13. When you honor God, your life will automatically honor others! I love you daddy @drmikefreeman"

Freeman told BuzzFeed Life that he was caught off guard when Bowman gave him the certificate during her wedding.


"During the reception, while she and her husband were giving remarks, Brelyn stopped the reception and called me up, stating she had a special presentation for me," he said. "I was totally unaware of what was about to take place. During the remarks, she shared that she wanted to honor me by not allowing any man to touch her before her husband."

Freeman added that all of his children, two girls and one boy, signed covenants to save themselves for marriage. His elder daughter, Brittany, also gave him a certificate at her wedding six years ago, while his son engaged in premarital sex.

"I love all three just the same," he said. "It's not about what they did for me, rather what they did for themselves."

The story was picked up earlier this week by the Shade Room and TMZ, where the reaction was less than positive.

The Shade Room's Instagram got more than 5,000 comments, many of them bashing Bowman for sharing the information with her father.

From there, this annotated picture of the newlyweds began circulating on Facebook.

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People like Vicki Yohe, her wedding singer, shared it in support, but many comments were critical, questioning things like the double standard associated with the practice.

Some people wondered why her husband, who was also a virgin until marriage, didn't have to publicly prove anything.

Facebook / Via facebook.com

Freeman told BuzzFeed Life that he took her husband's word on it, as there's no medical test that can prove a man's virginity.

Many were bewildered at Bowman's choice to present the certificate to her father, and not her husband.

Someone rightly pointed out that an intact hymen isn't always a telltale sign of virginity.


As BuzzFeed Health previously reported, the amount of hymenal tissue you have is not a true indicator of whether or not you've had sex. Women are born with different amounts of hymenal tissue (and in some rare cases may not be born with any), so this tissue may be thinner to begin with or it may be worn away for a variety of reasons (like physical activity, masturbation, etc.).

Another commenter noted that by this definition, women who have been sexually assaulted may not be considered "virgins," which is also problematic.

Still others were simply put off by the public display of private information.

But even before her wedding, Bowman proudly championed her lifestyle, sometimes calling herself a "Preacher of Purity."


Bowman, owner of Breezy'z Boutique in Waldorf, Maryland, is still on her honeymoon, but has posted several updates defending her choice.


She captioned this photo:

Apparently some people on social media are trying to decide if they like or don't like my commitment of waiting/presenting a certificate to my dad. I started to want to explain/go in depth then I looked to my right my husband is swimming in the pool. I looked ahead & saw the Indian Ocean. So while they're deciding I'll enjoy the promises of God for my life!

Bowman has not responded to BuzzFeed Life's request for comment.

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