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6 Brides Whose Babies Just Needed To Eat

Christina Torino-Benton knows motherhood has no vacation days.

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Christina Torino-Benton's June 18 wedding to Danny Benton wasn't a break from the responsibilities of motherhood.

Lana Nimmons Photography / Via

The newlyweds are parents to 9-month-old daughter Gemma, whom Torino-Benton breastfeeds.

So when Gemma got hungry and started to cry during her parents' wedding ceremony, Torino-Benton did the only thing she could — she sat down in the front pew and started breastfeeding.

Lana Nimmons Photography / Via

"No one was surprised, not even the priest," wedding photographer Lana Nimmons, who caught the moment on camera, said. "Christina has always fed her baby when needed, and at one point or another we have all seen her feed Gemma."

Earlier in the day, Torino-Benton took some beautiful bridal portraits while nursing Gemma, as well.

Lana Nimmons Photography / Via

"Gemma was very hungry," Nimmons said. "I asked Christina if she would like to do her bridal portraits while nursing. She said yes, and I saw in her eyes how happy she was."

Nimmons shared the photo of Torino-Benton nursing at her ceremony on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page a few days after the wedding, and the reaction was positive — so positive that other women started sharing their own photos of themselves breastfeeding on their wedding day.


"This is during our bridal party photos, our little man 5 months at the time decided he was hungry," Zania Wenham shared. "The photographer took this photo and I love how natural it looks."

Nimmons said she doesn't understand why breastfeeding is considered "taboo" by some people, and she is delighted at the positive response.

"I am not surprised by the response — Christina is an amazing woman and mother," she said. "I am so happy everyone has been so incredibly supportive."