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This Badass Couple Just Raised The Bar On Engagement Photos

We see them rollin', we hatin'.

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Jay Cagney and his fiancé Virginia Hall are just two visual artists who love motorcycles.

"Motorcycles are pretty much our number one hobby together," Cagney told BuzzFeed Life. "In the summer, we do a trip every weekend, and every week we work on the bikes."

Cagney, a photographer and videographer, has been into bikes of all kinds since he got his first dirt bike in sixth grade. Hall, a UX designer, "got roped into it by association," after the two started dating in 2011, Cagney said.

Hall took to choppers pretty quickly, and eventually managed to build her own by hand.

Jay Cagney

"She was an art major in college and took a sculpting class, so she knew how to weld already," Cagney said. He added that he only helped out a little while she was making her masterpiece.

Earlier this year, Cagney was on a bike trip with some friends when he realized it was time to propose to his dream girl.

He decided to pop the question during the annual three-day Gypsy Run from near their home in New Jersey to the Catskills on Sept. 11.

Being the handy guy that he is, Cagney decided to build the ring box on his own.

Jay Cagney

"I did a lot of woodworking in high school, and carpentry after high school for work, but in the last few years I've mostly worked with metal," he said of his crafting background. "I only had about two weeks to get it done, and I had to work in secret."

He got a piece of walnut from a friend who does professional wood carving, and with a little help from his dad, made a one-of-a-kind box. "It's not perfect by any means, but she appreciates that all mistakes on there were made by me, and not by a store," Cagney said.


He picked out a marquis-cut engagement ring from Hall's favorite jeweler, Digby & Iona, to propose with.

Digby and Iona / Via

As luck would have it, Digby & Iona's owner owns an old-school motorcycle, so he and Cagney hit it off right away.


They won't ride down the aisle on their bikes or anything, but choppers will definitely make an appearance at their wedding, Cagney said.

"A lot of our friends ride, so there will be a ton just sitting around outside the barn or wherever we get married."