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This 7-Year-Old's Disney Dress-Up Photos Will Make Your Inner Child So Jealous

This really puts the play in cosplay.

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The duo started picking out Disney costumes and taking ridiculously cool pictures to go with them in 2014, when they got an Elsa dress at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Camillia Courts / Via Facebook: camilliacourtsphoto

Courts wanted to get a photo of her in it “while it was still in pristine condition” to post on Facebook.


Though Courts told BuzzFeed she "doesn't want to know" how much she's spent on outfits and makeup, she's gotten pretty budget-conscious — she repurposes old dresses and makes the majority of the costumes herself.

Whatever the cost, Courts feels the project has been priceless because it's brought her "very shy" daughter out of her shell.

Camillia Courts / Via Facebook: camilliacourtsphoto

"She doesn't like a lot of attention, but she lights up when she puts a costume on," Courts said. "She becomes more chatty, she explodes with ideas, she twirls, and enjoys being dressed up. She secretly likes the attention from her classmates. She has fun, and that's the whole reason we continue this project."

Not only that, but it's strengthened their mother-daughter bond. Courts involves her daughter in every step, and she sometimes even participates in the photo shoots herself — and the results are pretty incredible.

Camillia Courts / Via Facebook: camilliacourtsphoto

"It's been a wonderful way to spend some really unique, quality time together!" Camillia said. "I like when she comes up with an idea and we plan the session and make the costumes together. But if she wanted to stop tomorrow, we would."