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    These Dogs Had An Engagement Photo Shoot, And It's Ridiculously Cute

    And you can't get a text back.

    Sebastian, a French bulldog, and Luna, a Pomeranian, are the definition of puppy love.

    The dogs, who are the stars of the popular Instagram account of Sebastian Loves Luna, have been "engaged" since June 2016.

    And last weekend, Sebastian and Luna had a truly Pinterest-worthy engagement shoot amidst the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.

    It's 2017! Texting isn't that hard, people.

    They frolicked...

    They wore some adorable outfits...

    And they even took a moment to share a little affection.

    Their owner Emily Abril, who took all of the photos, told BuzzFeed that the three-year-old dogs "are already like an old married couple."

    "They are, simply put, fashionistas in love in DC," Abril added of the pups. "Luna adores Sebastian completely even when he sometimes doesn’t return the affection. He also is very much her protector and will push other dogs out of her way if they get to close to her."

    The happy couple plans to tie the knot (leash?) either this fall or next spring.

    "Sebastian wants a fall wedding, Luna wants a spring one," Abril said.

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

    Hopefully you've gotten a text back by now.