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    Ashley Salter, The Bachelor's Onion Queen, Is Engaged!

    The contestant formerly known as Ashley S. is single no more.

    If you watched Chris Soules' snore of a season of The Bachelor earlier this year, you know that the one true highlight was the beautiful weirdo Ashley S.

    ABC / Via

    She loves onions.

    ABC / Via

    And animals.

    And we all let out a hallelujah when she brought her delightfully kooky ways to the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise.

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    You may have shed a tear for her when she left paradise alone, but cry no more, because SHE'S ENGAGED, Y'ALL!

    That's right. Last week, she Instagrammed some flawless photos of herself with her beau, Austin Brannen, but she didn't reveal until today that they were actually from her engagement.

    Not only is her vintage ring GORGEOUS, but they included iconic Bachelor-red roses in the photos.

    A red rose in any other context is still a red rose, amirite?

    Now, don't go sayin' she went to paradise for the wrong reasons. She and Brannen dated in college at Auburn, and reunited in June, after the show finished taping.

    A-plus e-sesh, guys.

    If you're now convinced that love is real, we have even better news for you: Her SMOKESHOW brother appears to be single.