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This Woman Did A Boudoir Shoot In A T. Rex Costume, And It'll Brighten Your Day

Tiny arms = a whole lot of sexy.

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Boudoir shoots can be geeky or sexy...

Nicole Stein wanted to ~spice up~ the boudoir photos she planned to give her fiancé Chris before their July 1 wedding, so she slipped into something a little more comfortable during the shoot.


Stein, who's 5'3", told BuzzFeed that posing in the seven-foot-tall costume was tricky, especially because "it was a million degrees inside," but the hardest part was holding back her laughter.

Josh & Kissy Photography / Via Facebook: joshandkissyphotos

"We were laughing so hard, we had to break quite a few times," she said.

Luckily, Stein's husband was appreciative of her Theropod antics.

Josh & Kissy Photography / Via Facebook: joshandkissyphotos

"My husband laughed for quite a bit," she said. "I had made him a photo book with some real boudoir photos. I'm not sure he was overly shocked by the ridiculousness of it all."