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    This Woman Did A Boudoir Shoot In A T. Rex Costume, And It'll Brighten Your Day

    Tiny arms = a whole lot of sexy.

    Boudoir shoots can be geeky or sexy...

    ...but the best ones are a little bit of both. Behold this one, which really captures the alluring mystique of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

    Nicole Stein wanted to ~spice up~ the boudoir photos she planned to give her fiancé Chris before their July 1 wedding, so she slipped into something a little more comfortable during the shoot.

    Photographer Kissy of Josh & Kissy Photography did Stein a solid and brought along a T. rex costume to the shoot, and boy, was it a good idea.

    Oh my...

    Stein, who's 5'3", told BuzzFeed that posing in the seven-foot-tall costume was tricky, especially because "it was a million degrees inside," but the hardest part was holding back her laughter.

    But honestly, there's nothing funny about this much prehistoric sexiness.

    It's hotter than the Chicxulub asteroid.

    Luckily, Stein's husband was appreciative of her Theropod antics.