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This Maid Of Honor's "Ice Ice Baby" Wedding Toast Is Flawless

"Alright, stop. Grab your drink and listen."

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Rachel Winterbottom really wanted to do a special toast at her sister Hayley O'Brien's Aug. 2 wedding to her husband Paul — a song, to be exact. The only problem? She can't sing.

Carl Sukonik / Via The Vain Photography

Instead, she made sweet, sweet lemonade out of those lemons and shut. it. down. with a rap to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby."

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Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

She starts with a beat-perfect, "Alright, stop. Grab your drink and listen."

Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

And instead of "Ice ice baby," it's "They're married, baby."

Rachel, who memorized the entire 3 1/2-minute performance, then works in their personalities ("H is hot like a candle / Paul's laid back so its easy to handle"), all in the song's rhyme scheme.

Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

"Love it or hate it Paul's always in the gym / He trains like a beast just ask our Kim / If there was a problem they can solve it / Pass H the wine she'll always involve it."

That's Rachel's daughter in the background, checking out the hook while her mom revolves it.

Like most speeches, Rachel's also references shared memories. Hayley told BuzzFeed that her favorite part was when Rachel rapped about her throwing up into her bag.

Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

"We are very close. We love doing things together, especially nights out!" she said.

Hayley and her husband were thrilled with the toast, embarrassing details and all. "I loved every minute of it, she was brilliant," Hayley said of the totally unexpected performance.

Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

"I knew she was doing a speech, but I just assumed it would be a standard wedding speech," she added.

In a surprise to no one, the guests loved it, too.

Storyful / Hayley O'Brien / Via

"Everyone else who did a speech did a really good job, but Rachel's was definitely the talking point," Hayley said.


Carl Sukonik / Via The Vain Photography