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This Woman Texts Her Husband Everything He Says In His Sleep, And It's Hilarious

It's pretty adorable.

Like many couples, Lindsay Stamhuis and Aidan Hailes know everything about each other's sleep habits. For them, the biggest issue is Hailes' sleep talking.

Hailes told BuzzFeed Life that he has talked in his sleep for his entire life.

Stamhuis noticed it right after the couple started dating in 2003, but it didn't make Hailes self-conscious.

"I wasn't embarrassed at all because I seem to eject gold when I'm sleeping," he said.

Two years ago, Stamhuis began texting her husband everything he said after he fell asleep. The result is a hilarious look into Hailes' nocturnal mind.

"I always thought it was hilarious and I tried to coax as much out of him as I could from the very beginning," Stamhuis told BuzzFeed Life.

She added that it was "a really fine line between coaxing more funny stuff out of him and waking him up."

Recently, Stamhuis posted her favorites to Facebook. The reaction was so positive that Hailes shared them on Imgur, where users added their own sleep-talking experiences.

People had some hilarious responses.

And the Imgur post has received more than 300,000 views.

Stamhuis said one of her favorite exchanges was the below conversation about her husband "being Belgian."

Stamhuis said another favorite moment, which she didn't record, was when Hailes talked about being an MMA fighter. She said it made her laugh so hard that it woke Hailes up.

"He started talking about how he and I were sparring partners," she said. "I asked him what he meant and he replied, 'You know, like fighting.' He lifted his hand and struck me on the nose with the back of his closed fist, very gently. He even said 'boop' as he did it."

The sleep talking doesn't annoy Stamhuis, but it does indicate if Hailes is particularly stressed.

"Over the holidays things have been pretty quiet," she said. "I don't wish for him to be super stressed out or anything, but I'm kind of looking forward to seeing if being back at work will mean he talks more."

For his part, Hailes isn't embarrassed in the least. "I'm just glad I can make her laugh, even if it's in my sleep," he said.