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A Surprise Snowstorm Turned This Couple's Wedding Into A Winter Wonderland

The photos are snow beautiful.

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Carly Atwill got the winter wonderland wedding of her dreams when an unexpected blizzard hit during her Dec. 12 nuptials.

Paul Liddement / Via

She and her husband, Chris, married at Lartington Hall, Barnard Castle, in the northeast of England. Their photographer Paul Liddement told BuzzFeed Life that Carly had a snowy wedding on her mind ever since she booked her winter date.

The forecast had called for snow, but Liddement said he was more worried about rain disrupting his plans for outdoor pictures.

Paul Liddement / Via

"I really doubted it was going to happen," he said. "It rarely snows in England now to that degree and we haven't had a blizzard like this for a few years."

Instead, eight inches of snow began to fall around Lartington Hall one hour before the ceremony, making for spectacular winter wedding photos.

Paul Liddement / Via

The castle just happened to be in a pocket of high snowfall; surrounding areas only got 1–3 inches of snow.


Though the Atwills are thrilled with their photos, Liddement has one regret — he wishes he'd taken more.

Paul Liddement / Via

"I think I could have shot a lot more in the snow, I really could have," he said. "But it was cold and in a blizzard and my bride's needs come first over my pictures. So despite their dedication, once I was happy I had one or two keepers in the bag, I made sure they got back inside into the warmth."