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Now You Can Buy And Fail At Building A Bicycle From Ikea, Too

Assembly required, duh.

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The Sladda, which is already available online, is a cargo bicycle designed for city living, which means its aluminum frame is lightweight enough to carry up and down subway steps.


The bike retails for $499, has a rust-proof frame and a belt drive, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame.


In a press release, Ikea described the bike as "truly a complete system that supports living a sustainable and healthy life in the city."

"With more and more people living in urban places, there’s an increased need for easy and flexible transportation," it added. "Having a car in a city is often not a practical solution." Scandinavian cities like Copenhagen, where the bicycle is already sold, are built for two-wheeled transportation, which is widely used by locals.