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    Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Couple's Amazing Star Wars Wedding Photos

    The Force is strong with these two.

    Krystel Ciocon and Earle Doudera are really, really big fans of Star Wars.

    Ciocon told BuzzFeed the franchise was a big part of her childhood.

    "It was a source of joy, inspiration, and occasionally a means of escape," she said.

    When Ciocon met her future husband, she said their mutual love for the films "deepened" their relationship.

    "We bonded over a lot of things; Star Wars was a wonderful addition," she said. "We invested in our own lightsabers. Now they're at the center of our dresser. When we found out they were making Episode 7, we knew we had to go to opening day."

    So naturally, no other theme stood a chance for their Jan. 10 wedding — although actually, "theme" isn't quite the right word.

    That included staging a realistic lightsaber battle, inspired by fight sequences from the first six movies in the franchise.

    Star Wars wasn't the only inspiration; Ciocon incorporated elements of her Filipino heritage into many of the details.

    They also named tables after planets and cut into a Death Star cake that was pointed at trash cans labeled Alderaan.

    The wedding had an additional personal touch — Ciocon and Doudera held it at the California home they purchased during wedding planning.

    The house and the dazzling effects were a surprise to many of the 110 or so guests, and Ciocon said most of them loved them.

    Though everything didn't go exactly according to plan, Ciocon is grateful for how it all turned out.