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    27 School-Themed Wedding Ideas To Satisfy Your Inner Nerd

    Schoool's back forever.

    Jenny Chang / Via Buzzfeed

    1. Pose for pictures on a classic yellow bus.

    Gathering Moss / Via

    2. Get married at an actual schoolhouse.

    Chloe Jackman Photography / Via

    These two are adorable. And check out those paper planes!

    3. Kiss under a book-filled arch.

    White Photographie / Via

    4. Or rent out a beautiful library.

    Liz and Ryan / Via

    5. Get all geeky with your engagement pictures.

    Tim Tab Studios / Via

    6. Or just take them in a classroom.

    Hannah Persson Photography / Via

    Books + science = love.

    7. Send out notebook-style wedding invitations

    Sara Wilde Photography / Via

    Extra points if they're covered in middle school-like doodles.

    8. And give guests a pop quiz about you two!

    Rebecca Jane Photography / Via

    9. Practice your cursive for your portraits.

    Live View Studios / Via

    10. And take some pictures on monkey bars!

    Anda Photography / Via

    Remember the good old days of recess?

    11. Tie up your bouquet with a RULER ribbon.

    Festivites / Via

    12. Greet guests with a simple assignment.

    Frenzel Studios / Via

    13. Use pencils as escort cards.

    Catie Ronquillo Photography / Via

    Cheap, cute, and practical!

    14. A retro card catalog will also work nicely.

    Photo Pink / Via

    15. Serve up a recess-inspired signature cocktail.

    Frenzel Studios / Via

    16. Or get really fancy with your chalkboard writing.

    Matthew Nigel Photography / Via

    17. Learn how to DIY it here:

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook

    18. Two words: APPLES ERRYWHERE.

    Ace Hotel / Via

    19. Name your tables after your favorite elementary school books.

    Matthew Morgan Photography / Via

    20. Better yet, use a whole lot of books!

    Laura Ivanova / Via

    21. Write your menu on fake library cards.

    22. Incorporate some of your favorite playground games, like hopscotch.

    onelove photography / Via

    Trust us, the adults will love it, too.

    23. Cut into a very educational-looking wedding cake.

    Live View Studios / Via

    24. Serve the best after-school snack ever.

    Paper Crave / Via

    25. Make some pencil cake pops as favors.

    Bakerella / Via

    DIY instructions here!

    26. Have your guests sign a globe.

    Kelly Benton Photography / Via

    27. And thank them with school picture-themed notes!

    Wilton Photography / Via