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    A Woman Flushed Her Ring Down The Toilet, Lived Everyone's Nightmare

    Cue a collective shudder.

    No one wants their engagement ring — or ANY piece of jewelry — to fall into the toilet and then get flushed into oblivion.


    Yet that's exactly what happened to Carissa Wolter of Jurupa Valley, California, on Nov. 3. She flushed both her engagement ring and a pair of diamond earrings down the toilet after forgetting they were in a pile of tissues.

    Courtesy of Carissa Wolter

    Wolter had taken off her jewelry while she was cleaning her makeup brushes. She accidentally scooped everything up when she was done and sent them into the great septic abyss.

    "I never thought I'd be so careless about something so valuable," Wolter told BuzzFeed Life. "When I realized what I had done, it seemed unreal."

    Courtesy of Carissa Wolter

    Wolter frantically called her fiancé, Kevin Winter, who her assured her that the ring was just a material object. But she was committed to retrieving the ring that he had proposed with six months earlier.

    "I didn't know how I would get them back but I was determined to, even if I had to dig in the sewer myself," she said. "My ring means too much to me to just let it go and give up so easily."

    "We started taking the toilet apart to see if it was still there, clearly it wasn't," Winter told KABC. "It was a really scary feeling actually."

    They called the Jurupa Community Services District the next morning; the JCSD team set a trap for the jewelry and eventually found it in a sewer near Wolter's house.

    A customer accidentally flushed her engagement ring & earrings down the toilet. JCSD to the rescue! @ABC7RobMcMillan

    JCDS representative Daniel Cardenas told KABC that Wolter is lucky that she lives at the end of a low-flow sewer main.

    "A ring like that is very important and we're just happy we were able to do the best to successfully recover it," he said.

    Cardenas added that it helped that Wolter took the proper precautions after researching online what to do if you accidentally flush something valuable; the couple didn't flush any more water until the JCDS team showed up.

    Wolter told BuzzFeed Life that after she gets her ring cleaned, she'll keep it on her finger, where it belongs.

    Courtesy of Carissa Wolter

    Just, you know, be careful with that thing.

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