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    Watch 100 Years Of Engagement Ring Trends In Less Than Three Minutes

    ♫ Diamonds are forever ♫

    Mode just released a video chronicling a century's worth of the most popular engagement ring styles by decade.

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    Peter Jon Shemonsky Fine Antique and Estate Jewelry provided the rings for the precious (pun intended) video.

    In the 1910s, a simple solitaire diamond set in a yellow gold band was very European and very fashionable.

    But the Roaring '20s meant a rise in striking, Edwardian-style jewelry.

    The 1930s saw glamorous, intricate art deco themes in both architecture and rings.

    Forties brides loved the relatively new white gold, as well as vintage Edwardian styles.

    Fast-forward to the 1960s, when the postwar boom increased the popularity of platinum.

    Baguettes are delicious, and so are the ones flanking the round-cut diamond in this positively '80s setting.

    The '90s saw everyone clamoring over chic radiant-cut gems.

    And right now, halo settings are all the rage — but you knew that from your Facebook feed.