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17 Things That'll Make You Say, "They Just Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To"

I really hope my waffle iron is still working in 90 years. H/T /r/BuyItForLife/

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The Buy it for Life subreddit is a great place for finding high-quality products that can basically last you a lifetime. Here are some things that have literally lasted a lifetime (and then some):


9. This KitchenAid mixer that's still stirring and whipping away after 70+ years.

"1940s KitchenAid Mixer (3B) I bought for $5 at a resale shop. I've used it 3-4 times a week for seven years. I've also dropped the bowl twice from counter height and it has never even chipped." —imixrumandgin


13. This throwback vacuum that can clean a carpet even better than a new one, thank you very much.

"I regularly visit my grandmother-in-law to help with cleaning. Each time I do, I have the pleasure of using this beast. According to grandma, this thing has been kicking for around 50 years and it's one of the best vacuum cleaners I've ever used." —JmzCltn