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24 Spectacular One-Tier Wedding Cakes

Bigger isn't always better.

1. This rose-colored one with a luscious peony topper.

2. This perfectly wintery one that got a little bit ~naked~.

3. This fancy AF gold cake that you can make yourself.

4. This cute white one with lovely pink chevrons.

5. This watercolor-inspired one, which looks like a work of art.

6. This whimsical one, all covered in golden woodland creatures.

7. This gold-striped one that Kate Spade would definitely approve of.

8. This glamorous mint-green one with a fabulous sugar flower.

9. This caramel-drizzled one that'll make your mouth water.

10. This adorable one that makes a topper unnecessary.

11. This pretty pink one that has a healthy topping of flowers.

12. This glorious, succulent-covered one.

13. This one, which is wearing its hearts on its icing.

14. The modern one with elegant gold leaves.

15. This one that's studded with ombré roses.

16. This super-simple white one with a delightful candy necklace topper.

17. This adorable, buttoned-up one.

18. This sophisticated black one with awesome animal toppers.

19. This rustic-chic one.

20. This fabulously fun sprinkle-covered one.

21. This wondrously romantic, oxblood-colored one.

22. This one, which looks like a party in cake form.

23. This buttercream one with fun pink flowers and gold leaves.

24. This toasted coconut-covered one with the sweetest topper ever.

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