OMG This Boy Dive-Bombed His Aunt’s Wedding Dress And It’s Adorable

“He thought it was like clouds.”

1. Tanya Malone’s 4-year-old nephew Rhys didn’t let her have the whole spotlight on her March 4 wedding. Instead, he literally dove into her train as she entered the church.

2. I mean.


He just fucking goes for it!

4. Some people choose not to invite children to their weddings, but no adult would be half as entertaining as this little charmer, would they?

Antonia Malone

No. They would not.

5. Rhys decided to take the plunge because “he thought it was like clouds,” Malone’s sister Antonia told BuzzFeed.

Jenny Brazil and James McGivern

One of Malone’s friends quickly grabbed him so that she could continue her walk to the altar.

6. Guests gasped in horror as Rhys pulled off his stunt, but Antonia Malone said that it didn’t bother the bride at all.

Jenny Brazil and James Mc Givern

“My sister absolutely no problem with it, and she went on to marry the love of her life,” she said.

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