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    23 Insanely Gorgeous Sinks You're Going To See All Over Pinterest

    The sink thirst is real.

    1. This rose gold sink and faucet atop a navy blue stand that is so flawless, it kind of makes me want to cry.

    Superfront / Via

    2. This gorgeous farmhouse sink that taught me what Kendall charcoal is and that I need it in my tiny apartment.

    Samuel Morgan Photography / Via

    3. This striking tiled setup with exposed pipes that I would like in my imaginary pool house, please.

    Taliah Lowry / Via

    4. This double sink that makes sharing a bathroom easy and appealing.

    Deuce Cities Henhouse / Via

    5. This all-marble situation that I would Snapchat ~100 times before actually using it.

    Derek Swalwell / Via

    6. This gorgeous Moroccan-inspired sink basin that will probably go into an art museum some day.

    Ball & Albanese / Via

    7. This hammered silver one that adds stunning color and texture to an all-white kitchen.

    Joe Schmelzer / Via

    It's just too fancy.

    8. This shabby chic sink Martha Stewart would absolutely approve of.

    Better Homes & Gardensqui / Via

    9. This concrete sink that's the just right amount of edgy.

    Studio McGee / Via

    10. This black and gold combo that's so sophisticated it would probably spit water at me before letting me wash my hands.

    Wood Melbourne / Via

    And I would gladly let it.

    11. This sleek, sublime minimalist sink.

    Not Only White / Via

    12. This simple sink with a pink and white backsplash that puts all other backsplashes to shame.

    Leroy Merlin / Via

    13. This super cool nautilus-inspired one that's just ridiculously hypnotizing.

    High Tech Design Products / Via

    14. This gorgeous copper kitchen sink that just made me drool a little bit.

    Alexis Hamilton / Via

    15. This white on pink one that is so amazing I never want to look away from it.

    16. This ridiculously elegant marble and gold bathroom sink that probably only Beyoncé is authorized to use.

    Coats Homes / Via

    17. This sink, which I could probably (read: already did) stare at for hours.

    Omvivo / Via

    18. This cozy-meets-modern sink that would fit perfectly in a dream vacation villa somewhere.

    Jenna Sue Design Co. / Via

    19. This fun and practical two-sink situation.

    Pottery Barn / Via

    20. This stunning marble sink that I bet Ina Garten has washed an artichoke or two in.

    Vangelia Paterakis / Via

    21. This all-gold kitchen sink that looks as valuable as a single collector's edition Beanie Baby.

    Officine Gullo / Via

    22. This two-for-one bathroom sink that's just *Italian chef smooches fingers*.

    5 Edge Studio / Via

    23. And this sewing machine-turned-bathroom sink that's just really freakin' cool.

    Studio Zaza / Via

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