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    Updated on May 6, 2019. Posted on Apr 21, 2017

    23 Insanely Gorgeous Sinks You're Going To See All Over Pinterest

    The sink thirst is real.

    1. This rose gold sink and faucet atop a navy blue stand that is so flawless, it kind of makes me want to cry.

    Superfront / Via

    2. This gorgeous farmhouse sink that taught me what Kendall charcoal is and that I need it in my tiny apartment.

    Samuel Morgan Photography / Via

    3. This striking tiled setup with exposed pipes that I would like in my imaginary pool house, please.

    Taliah Lowry / Via

    4. This double sink that makes sharing a bathroom easy and appealing.

    Deuce Cities Henhouse / Via

    5. This all-marble situation that I would Snapchat ~100 times before actually using it.

    Derek Swalwell / Via

    6. This gorgeous Moroccan-inspired sink basin that will probably go into an art museum some day.

    Ball & Albanese / Via

    7. This hammered silver one that adds stunning color and texture to an all-white kitchen.

    Joe Schmelzer / Via

    It's just too fancy.

    8. This shabby chic sink Martha Stewart would absolutely approve of.

    Better Homes & Gardensqui / Via

    9. This concrete sink that's the just right amount of edgy.

    Studio McGee / Via

    10. This black and gold combo that's so sophisticated it would probably spit water at me before letting me wash my hands.

    Wood Melbourne / Via

    And I would gladly let it.

    11. This sleek, sublime minimalist sink.

    Not Only White / Via

    12. This simple sink with a pink and white backsplash that puts all other backsplashes to shame.

    Leroy Merlin / Via

    13. This super cool nautilus-inspired one that's just ridiculously hypnotizing.

    High Tech Design Products / Via

    14. This gorgeous copper kitchen sink that just made me drool a little bit.

    Alexis Hamilton / Via

    15. This white on pink one that is so amazing I never want to look away from it.

    16. This ridiculously elegant marble and gold bathroom sink that probably only Beyoncé is authorized to use.

    Coats Homes / Via

    17. This sink, which I could probably (read: already did) stare at for hours.

    Omvivo / Via

    18. This cozy-meets-modern sink that would fit perfectly in a dream vacation villa somewhere.

    Jenna Sue Design Co. / Via

    19. This fun and practical two-sink situation.

    Pottery Barn / Via

    20. This stunning marble sink that I bet Ina Garten has washed an artichoke or two in.

    Vangelia Paterakis / Via

    21. This all-gold kitchen sink that looks as valuable as a single collector's edition Beanie Baby.

    Officine Gullo / Via

    22. This two-for-one bathroom sink that's just *Italian chef smooches fingers*.

    5 Edge Studio / Via

    23. And this sewing machine-turned-bathroom sink that's just really freakin' cool.

    Studio Zaza / Via

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