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    11 Nifty Ideas To Try This Month

    From card and gift ideas to genius DIYs for getting your home organized, here are all of the projects we're making in June.

    The BuzzFeed Nifty staff is always working on cool new DIY projects that are fun, creative, and actually useful — and we want to share the best of those awesome ideas with you! Each month, we'll post our projects, along with instructions, so that you can create cool stuff all month long.

    1. How To Hydro Dip

    Ray Pajar / BuzzFeed


    Items to dip

    Painter’s tape

    Large bin

    Rubber gloves


    Painting mask

    Spray paint

    Paper towels

    Clear coat spray


    1. Prepare your item for dipping. Use painter’s tape to cover any areas on the item you want to keep free of paint.

    2. Fill a large bin or bucket with water. The container should be wider than your item.

    3. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hand. Work in a well-ventilated area. Wear a spray painting mask to avoid any fumes.

    4. Carefully spray spray paint onto the surface of the water.

    5. Use multiple colors to create a layered effect.

    6. Lightly swirl the paint with a small stick to create a marble effect.

    7. Slowly dip the item into the water and wet paint. The layer of paint will attach itself to the item.

    8. Splash the water around to clear off any excess paint. You want to create a clean opening to pull your item out of the water.

    9. Carefully pat the item dry.

    10. Apply a layer of clear coat to the paint to seal.

    2. Magic String Art

    Kenah Trusewich / BuzzFeed


    Book of craft paper

    Alcohol ink

    Cotton string

    Rubber Gloves

    Small bowl


    1. Put on rubber gloves and cover your tabletop with paper to protect it.

    2. Fill a small bowl with alcohol ink.

    3. Dip cotton string into the bowl and use a paint brush to help soak it completely in ink.

    4. Open the book and place the string in a downward spiral pattern, leaving the tip of the string hanging out the centre bottom.

    5. Close the book and hold the cover down tight while pulling the string out by the tip of the string.

    6. Open the book up and you will have a unique floral pattern.

    3. Ultimate Grilling Apron

    Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed




    Heavy duty hook and loop tape



    Sling clip

    Fabric paint


    1. On the front side of the apron, decide where you want your koozie.

    2. Slip a canned drink into the koozie, then attach the hook and loop tape onto the backside of the koozie. Press down on the koozie, and take out the can for a more secure bond. (Sewing is also another great way to secure the koozie.)

    3. Take any fabric strap (I used a small piece of the apron strap) and attach one on the the left side of the apron, and another on the right side. These will be the straps where you can hang your grill utensils, towels, spray bottles, and even a portable speaker.

    4. Get a sling clip key chain to attach a bottle opener, ‘cause you know they always run away.

    5. Flip the apron over. On the bottom, write down the ideal temperatures to cook different types of meat – just flip up the apron and check the temperature if you forget!

    6. Now you can have everything you need all on your utility apron!

    4. Quick Sew Dog Cooling Mat

    Kenah Trusewich / BuzzFeed


    Old hanging shoe rack

    Sewing machine or needle and thread

    Fleece fabric

    Ice packs


    1. Cut hanging shoe rack down to the desired size.

    2. Cut a square of fleece the same exact size.

    3. Place fabrics on top of each other turned inside out.

    4. Pin around three of the sides and sew together.

    5. Turn the right way in and then sew the remaining corner.

    6. Fill each pocket of the shoe rack with ice packs.

    7. Let your dog sit or lay on the mat to cool off. Remember to always keep your dog hydrated and out of the sun when they are hot!

    5. No-Sew Fluffy Cotton Rug

    Hitomi Aihara / BuzzFeed


    ½ inch cotton piping

    Gardening netting

    Rubber hair ties (mini)



    1. Cut gardening netting to desired size, and shape.

    2. Cut cotton piping to 2 inch length.

    3. Loop through the cotton piping and tie off with rubber hair ties.

    4. Fluff up the cotton into a ball.

    5. Fill the rest of the netting until it is covered.

    6. Place it anywhere and enjoy you new rug!

    7. If you spill, quickly wipe the liquid off, but for more stubborn stains cut the rubber band and pull off individual cotton pieces and refill them up.

    6. Resin Pour Art

    Ray Pajar / BuzzFeed

    This how-to lets you create an awesome resin pour effect for a bunch of different types of art projects!


    Plastic tarp

    Wood plank or canvas



    2-part resin

    Alcohol ink

    Holographic glitter

    Mica powder

    Acrylic paint

    Kitchen torch/lighter

    Hair dryer

    Paint marker


    1. Cover your workspace with a plastic tarp.

    2. Pick a surface for your project. You can use a canvas or a wooden board.

    3. Prime your work surface with a base of primer. Let the primer dry completely.

    4. Lightly sketch out a design on your surface to help visualize the directions of your resin pours.

    5. In a disposable container, mix together your 2-part resin.

    6. Place paper cups over the plastic tarp. Lay your work surface over the paper cups. This will allow any excess resin to drip off your work surface.

    7. Add alcohol ink to your resin to color your resin. This technique will keep the resin transparent.

    8. Add mica powder to your resin to color your resin. Mica powder will create a “floating” effect in the resin while giving it a nice shimmer.

    9. Add a small amount of acrylic paint to color your resin. This technique will color the resin while making it opaque.

    10. Add holographic glitter to your resin for adder shimmer to your project.

    11. Carefully pour the resin onto your surface, one at a time.

    12. Use a kitchen torch or a lighter to pop any bubbles on the surface of your resin.

    13. Use a hair dryer to blend the resin together.

    14. Let the resin dry based on the packaging instructions.

    15. Add detail to your art piece with paint markers.

    7. Laundry Room Organizing Station

    Kenah Trusewich / BuzzFeed


    3/4 inch plywood board

    2 x 21.5x40 inch panels (sides)

    2 x 21.5x27 inch panels (top and bottom)

    2 x 27x5 inch panels (Back support)

    12 x 21.5 x 2 inch planks (basket rails)

    Wood glue

    3 laundry baskets



    Wood stain

    Paint brush



    1. On both of the side panels, measure 3 even points the height of your baskets, where the basket rails will be mounted.

    2. Using wood glue, glue them down and then screw them securely on.

    3. Glue and screw the sides, top and bottom together to form a box.

    4. Screw on the 2 back support panels, either end of the back of the box.

    5. Sand the entire unit and wipe off excess dust.

    6. Stain or paint the entire unit.

    7. Place the three baskets onto the rails, and use the top as versatile storage! You have yourself a very organized laundry!

    8. Roll-Away Under Couch Living Room Storage

    Kenah Trusewich / BuzzFeed


    Deep photo frame

    MDF board equal to the size of the frame

    4 small wheels

    White paint






    1. Take glass out of the frame. Be very careful!

    2. Measure the handle to the center of of the longer side of the frame and mark with marker. Drill pilot holes and screw on the handle.

    3. Paint the MDF board on every side.

    4. Cut a piece of MDF board the same size of the frame and nail it to the of the bottom of the frame.

    5. Place wheels onto every corner of the bottom and screw them on.

    6. Fill with your clutter you want to hide away and roll away under the couch.

    9. DIY Optical Illusion Card

    Tarn Susumpow / BuzzFeed


    2 copies on the same photo, printed on cardstock paper

    Tracing paper (If you are not tracing the original photos, you can use another set of photo in the same dimension)



    Utility knife

    Cutting mat

    Glue stick


    Colorful cardstock

    Washi tape (for decoration)

    Markers (for decoration)


    1. Lay tracing paper on top of the original image. Trace using pen.

    2. Make 2 copies of the traced image on a cardstock paper.

    3. We will now create the shutters for the top image.

    4. Using a ruler, divide the height of the image into four even sections. Create marking along the sides. Each copy should have 5 marks.

    5. On one copy, measure 1/4 inch above the first marking. Create another mark in a different color. Measure 1/4 inch above the third marking. Create another mark in a different color.

    5. On another copy, repeat step 4 but on the second and fourth marking.

    6. Each copy should now have 7 marks. On the first copy, cut at the first, third, fourth, and sixth mark. On the second copy, cut at the second, fourth, fifth, and fifth mark.

    7. Assemble the shutters for the top image: strip 1 and 3 from the first copy, strip 2 and 4 from the second copy.

    8. Cut a rectangular strip of cardboard that is 1½ inch wide and at least one inch longer than the original image. This is your pull tab.

    8. Glue the fourth strip (bottom of the image) to the bottom of the pull tab. Make sure pull tab is centered under the photo.

    9. Glue only the top 1/4 in of the third strip to the pull tab. Make sure the image lines up with the fourth strip.

    10. Repeat for the remaining strips. You should now have one continuous photo on a pull tab, each strip slightly overlapping the other. There should still be room on the pull tab.

    11. Remove any excess white space around the photo.

    12. We will now create the shutters for the hidden image.

    13. Repeat step 4-8 on the original photo.

    14. Cut a piece of cardstock that is bigger than the original photo.

    15. Glue the bottom strip to the cardstock.

    16. Remove a ¼ x 1½-in rectangle from the top center part of the remaining strips.

    17. The strips should have a lot of white space on each sides. Apply glue to the left and right sides of the cardstock where the white space would sit. Do not apply glue to the center.

    18. Glue the remaining strips to the cardstock, making sure they line up to form one continuous photo.

    19. Cut any excess white strip without cutting off all the glue that is holding this photo together.

    20. Insert the top image into the bottom image, overlapping each strip.

    21. Add the shutters to a card and decorate as desired.

    10. Lightweight Concrete Table

    Ray Pajar / BuzzFeed


    Old table


    Wood glue


    Table clamps


    Box cutter

    Quick-dry concrete



    80-grit sanding block

    Lightweight concrete

    120-grit sanding block

    Concrete sealer

    Table legs


    1. On the back of the table, use wood glue to secure a plywood layer for added support.

    2. Use table clamps to hold the plywood and glue in place.

    3. Nail down the corners of the plywood to the table.

    4. Keep the table clamps in place while the glue dries.

    5. Once dried, remove the clamps and flip the table over. Use a box cutter to score the top and the sides of the table.

    6. In a small container, combine quick-dry concrete with water.

    7. Pour the concrete onto the table top. Use a trowel to smooth the concrete. Apply layers to the top and to the sides of the table.

    8. Let the concrete dry.

    9. Use an 80-grit sanding block to smooth any uneven areas.

    10. Repeat quick-dry concrete process.

    11. In a small container, combine lightweight concrete with water. This mixture will be lighter and smoother than the quick-dry concrete mixture.

    12. Pour the concrete mixture onto the table top. Use a trowel to smooth the concrete. Apply layers to the top and to the sides of the table.

    13. Let the concrete dry.

    14. Use a 120-grit sanding block to smooth any uneven areas.

    15. Clean off the table top to remove any dust and debris from previous layers.

    16. Apply a concrete sealer to the table top.

    17. Attach desired legs to the table top.

    11. 4 Last-Minute Father's Day Bouquets

    Tarn Susumpow

    So, you finally thought of one thing your dad would actually like (and use) for Father's Day, but you feel kinda weird him a single scratch-off card or bottle of hot sauce? Make him a bouquet out of it, instead! Here are four ideas and how to make 'em:

    The Scratch-Offs


    Yellow tissue paper

    White tissue paper

    Glass pint or other container

    Scratch-off tickets (we used 7 tickets)



    Optional: faux flowers


    1. Line the inside of the pint glass about 70% full with yellow tissue paper for the “beer.”

    2. Line 30% with white tissue paper for the “foam.”

    3. Tape each ticket to a skewer.

    4. Pierce each skewer through the tissue paper to hold it in place.

    Optional: Decorate with flowers.

    Optional: Attach a card and a coin to skewers to make it extra special.

    The Sock Roses

    Dress socks (we used 3 pairs)

    Rubber band

    Flower pot

    Optional: cardstock, faux leaves, twigs, and flowers


    1. Starting at the toe, roll the socks, stopping a couple inches below the top band.

    2. Fold the remaining part of the sock over the roll to create a rose.

    3. Hold all the roses together with a rubber band.

    4. Place the sock bouquet in a flower pot and decorate with leaves, twigs, and flowers.

    Optional: Use cardstock to add a little tie on the pot.

    The Hot Sauce

    Bucket/container of some kind

    Tissue paper

    Hot sauces of all sizes (we used 2 big bottles, 1 medium, several mini bottles, and several packets)



    Optional: faux leaves, twigs, and flowers


    1. Line the bottom of the bucket with tissue paper for support.

    2. Start by filling the bucket with bigger bottles, then slowly add smaller ones.

    3. Tape bottles to dowels to create height variation.

    Optional: Add leaves, twigs, and flowers for decorations. We went with red flowers and dry twigs to stay on theme.

    The Essentials

    Vase/container of some kind


    Anything that’s essential for YOUR dad! (We chose a razor, razor blades, batteries, and tiny tools)


    Optional: faux leaves, twigs, and flowers


    1. Create a 3-by-3 grid on top of the vase using tape. This will help the arrangement stay in place.

    2. Tape each essential to a dowel.

    3. Insert a dowel into each space in the grid as you see fit.

    Optional: Decorate with leaves, twigs, and flowers.

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