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19 Pictures Of Moms At Weddings That'll Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

Moms are the bomb.

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1. This mom, whose smile lit up her daughter's wedding.

Dominique Bader Photography / Via

2. This mom, who showed her daughter love without messing up her lip color.

Inje Photos / Via

3. This mom who turned her son into a mini celebrity.

Fact: this is the most mom bag ever.
Jennifer Driscoll Photography / Via

Fact: this is the most mom bag ever.

4. This mom, just doling out a delicious hug.

Cory Ryan Photography / Via

5. This mom, who probably made it impossible to feel anything but joy during the wedding.

Wale Ariztos Photography / Via

6. This mom who will protect you in the rain.

Evangeline Lane Photography / Via

7. This mom, who's just here for a good time.

Jonathan Connolly Photography / Via

8. This mom, who is loving her first glimpse of the bride.

Dominique Bader Photography / Via

9. These hand-holding moms.

10. This mom, who just needed a shoulder to lean on.

Brinton Studios / Via

11. This mom, who knows you're never too grown-up to sit in her lap.

Maigaskiya Photography / Via

12. This cute and cuddly mom.

Wani Olatunde Photography / Via

13. This mom, who tried her best to keep it together.

Jonathan Connolly Photography / Via

14. And this one.

Natalie Franke / Via

15. Oh no.

Steve Koo Photography / Via

16. 😢

Dominique Bader Photography / Via

17. Sorry, tear ducts.

Jeff Cooke Photography / Via

18. Because this mom is just the sweetest crier.

Joy Marie Photography / Via

19. But it's OK, because this mom can make tears dry with her smile.

James Michael Photography / Via
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