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The Ultimate Costco Fans Just Took Their Engagement Photos There

They'd better get free samples for life.

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Costco is a magical wonderland filled with free samples, bulk batteries, and all of the $1.50 hot dogs you could ever want. The store also, as you will learn from Karinne Tarshish and Dan Klamet's engagement pictures, really nails the ~trendy~ warehouse-chic vibe.

"We didn't want to do the standard photos," Tarshish told BuzzFeed on choosing their "favorite store" for the photo shoot.

Emmerlee Photography / Via

"We just aren't into mushy stuff," she added. "We also took some traditional photos, but it was so incredibly awkward for me to do that shoot."


This photo of Tarshish cradling a pork shoulder is a favorite among their family and friends.

Emmerlee Photography / Via

"Dan is an incredible cook and makes insanely good smoked meats, so we wanted to incorporate the meat," she said.


Their love of Costco only goes so far, though — it won't be a part of their wedding. "We aren't crazies who are going to get a tattoo of the Costco logo or something," Tarshish said.