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    27 Nerdtastic Wedding Ideas You'll Majorly Geek Out Over

    Get ready to geek out.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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    1. First of all, prove the magic of true love with engagement photos taken on Platform 9 3/4.

    artCimages Photography / Via

    2. Or inform everyone how compatible you are with game-changing portraits.

    Carolyn Scott Photography / Via

    3. And continue the theme with wedding stationery that'll have all your guests saying, "Way to go!"

    4. Let the world compute how in love you are with this 8 bit-inspired gold engagement ring.

    5. Or discover the formula for everlasting happiness with this ring in the shape of the structure of serotonin.

    6. Show how you've traveled through space and time together with this Doctor Who TARDIS ring box.

    Fowler Studios / Via

    7. Add a Darth element to an all-white wedding dress.

    Cacá Santoro Photography / Via

    8. And make your hairstyle a subtle nod to Princess Leia while you're at it.

    Tec Petaja / Via

    9. Horse around in these killer Rohan-themed shoes.

    10. And defend yourself against the dark arts with simply magical Harry Potter jewelry and nail art.

    Kelly Clarke / SWNS

    11. Turn old comic books into awesome boutonnieres that really pop.

    Courtesy of Saab Magalona / J Lucas Reyes / Via spellsaab.comjim-saab-save-the-world-photos-by-j-lucas-reyes

    12. Or fasten truly enterprising Star Trek tokens to them.

    Stephanie Kaloi Photography / Via

    13. Gather your comrades for a group photo before searching for the Silver Crystal.

    Shannon Cottrell Photography / Via

    14. And carry the most stacked bouquet that money can buy.

    Get a similar one from The Lego Bride.

    15. Exchange vows in front of a subtly steampunk backdrop.

    La Femme Gribouillage / Via

    16. Help guests find the very best seats with Pokemon tags that double as wine glass charms.

    Perfect Focus Photography / Via

    17. And use your favorite board games as table numbers for a fun ice breaker.

    Soda Fountain Photography / Via

    18. Or if Legos are more your jam, set some up as centerpieces people can build themselves.

    Photography by Sophia Lemon / Via

    19. Skip the traditional first dance and make some magic with wands instead.

    Kelly Clarke / SWNS

    20. Create a tabletop Quidditch game for some mid-wedding wizardry.

    Jacilyn M Photography / Via

    Learn more here.

    21. When that's all done, cut into this Catan-believable wedding cake.

    The Cake Whisperer / Via

    22. Or tempt the fate of a Red Wedding with this Game of Thrones-themed cake.

    Candice Benjamin Photography / Via

    23. Use this sonic screwdriver cake cutter and server to cut the first slice.

    24. Show guests why you're so serious about each other with this Joker-inspired signature cocktail.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    Get the recipe here.

    25. Instead of a guest book, have guests sign this Groot and Rocket poster.

    26. Take some out-of-this-world portraits.

    Tara Melissa Photographie / Via

    27. And when the big day's finally over, drive off into the sunset with this sweet new windshield decal.