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Can You Get Through This Post Without Saying Awwww?

Or, 23 reasons to bawl your little eyes out.

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1. This simply gorgeous kiss:

2. This one that somehow did not impress a dog:

Cean One Studios / Via

3. This one that exudes pure light and happiness:

Kristin Chalmers Photography / Via

4. This one that makes even the Eiffel Tower pale in comparison:

Paris Photographer Pierre Torset / Via

5. This one on a ridiculously beautiful boat ride:

Isabelle Selby Photography / Via

6. This one, which makes the sun looks like it's shining extra bright:

Vero Luce Photography / Via

7. This literally warm and fuzzy kiss:

8. This one that's surrounded by IRL praise hands emojis:

Jennifer Woodbery Photography / Via

9. This one that happened mid-stroll:

Jose Villa / Via

10. This one with a stunning sunset backdrop:

Paige Nelson Photography / Via

11. This one, which won't let a silly chair get in the way:

Michael Farmer Photography / Via

12. This one that shows how kisses make love ~go the distance~:

Krista Photography / Via

13. This seaside smooch:

Pink Palm Photography / Via

14. And this one:

Michelle Gardella / Via

15. Come on, the water is really romantic!

Alice + Chris Photography / Via

16. This fierce display of love:

De Nueva Photography / Via

17. This awesome first kiss as wife and wife:

Erica Camille / Via

18. This one between two very dapper grooms:

photo philosophies / Via

19. This one shared by two actual goddesses:

Renee Hollingshead Photography / Via

20. This sweet, sunny one:

21. This one that probably took place in an enchanted garden:

Michelle Lytle / Via

22. This delightfully retro kiss:

Marije van der Leeuw / Via

23. And this perfect display of love and equality:

Studio Simplicity / Via