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    17 Amazing Wedding Photos That Might Actually Take Your Breath Away

    They're picture perfect.

    Every two months, wedding photography directory Fearless Photographers curates a collection of the best new wedding pictures.

    The latest set of more than 200 photos is equally stunning and inspiring. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. This perfectly-framed toast.

    2. This adorably bashful ring bearer.

    3. These two doggos just reveling in that wedding day joy.

    4. This breathtaking mountainside shot.

    5. This emotional bride.

    6. This 💯 photobomb.

    7. This mesmerizing view from above.

    8. This awesome perspective of the bride.

    9. This cake drop that was captured in the nick of time.

    10. This amazing shadow shot.

    11. This bridal beauty moment.

    12. This otherworldly wedding-day view.

    13. These ecstatic newlyweds.

    14. This discreet cheers.

    15. This sneaky ring exchange.

    16. This elegant elephant seal of approval.

    17. And this touching shot of two generations on the big day.

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