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    Posted on Oct 18, 2017

    17 Amazing Wedding Photos That Might Actually Take Your Breath Away

    They're picture perfect.

    Every two months, wedding photography directory Fearless Photographers curates a collection of the best new wedding pictures.

    The latest set of more than 200 photos is equally stunning and inspiring. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. This perfectly-framed toast.

    Andreu Doz Photography / Via

    2. This adorably bashful ring bearer.

    Lyndah Wells Photography / Via

    3. These two doggos just reveling in that wedding day joy.

    Vasily Tserevitinov / Via

    4. This breathtaking mountainside shot.

    Franck Boutonnet / Via

    5. This emotional bride.

    Ralf Czogallik / Eppel Fotografie / Via

    6. This 💯 photobomb.

    Pasquale Minniti / Photo-4u / Via

    7. This mesmerizing view from above.

    Eugene Michel / Via

    8. This awesome perspective of the bride.

    Sabina Mladin / Via

    9. This cake drop that was captured in the nick of time.

    Dimitri Voronov / Foto Clip / Via

    10. This amazing shadow shot.

    Lola López / Via

    11. This bridal beauty moment.

    Flavius Partan / Via

    12. This otherworldly wedding-day view.

    Donatas Ufo / Via

    13. These ecstatic newlyweds.

    Mike Rodriguez / Via

    14. This discreet cheers.

    Arjan van der Plaat / Via

    15. This sneaky ring exchange.

    Julien Pontarolo / Via

    16. This elegant elephant seal of approval.

    Aht Yomyai / Via

    17. And this touching shot of two generations on the big day.

    Karel Huskers / Via

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