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This Woman Had The Best Response When Her Husband Asked What Was On Her Mind

"Where is that one thing I can't find from two years ago?"

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But it's life's harder-to-solve problems that weigh heavily on her mind — and those are what prompted her husband, Stephen, to suggest the activity.

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"She often mentions that I would not be able to survive a day in her brain, and after seeing this drawing, I just may believe her," Stephen told BuzzFeed of his wife of 10 years, who prefers not to be named here.

Stephen said his wife's drawing wasn't a big surprise. "Deep down, I knew her brain was like that all along — always full and bouncing from one thing to the next."

Stephen Bridges / Via

"Seeing it spelled out visually was pretty amusing and also pretty intimidating," he added.

He shared the drawing on Reddit and Imgur, where commenters were both sympathetic and supportive.