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    Watch "Instant Hotel" If You Haven't Already, And Then Laugh At These Jokes

    I'm in the top 1% of reviewers on Trip Advisor.

    Hi everyone, I am here to talk to you about Instant Hotel, a delightful and entertaining Australian reality TV show on Netflix, that is everything to me.

    It consists of Airbnb (or "instant hotel") owners that stay in each other's properties and rate them. There are two rounds, and the winner gets an all expenses-paid trip to California, USA! It has everything: petty drama, ovens filled with chemicals, and a person named Bondi who is from Bondi.

    1. You come for the pretty vacation homes and STAY for the shade.

    Me watching instant hotel on Netflix

    2. These two are absolute angels sent from heaven.

    I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I would literally die for Mark & Janine on Instant Hotel. @netflix

    They sold their vintage cars to achieve their dreams of being instant hotel owners, and tbh now I want to buy a car just so I can send it to them!!!!

    3. The only thing better than Mark's mullet is how quickly he warmed to the locals in Humpty Doo.

    Are @netflix gonna give these guys their own show or what? #InstantHotel

    4. This feels like home and is a place Australia needs to see.

    5. The devil! Is! In! The! Details!!!!

    Anyone in “Instant hotel”: h- Leroy: I have a background in interior design

    6. Like, Leroy's stare could melt entire glaciers.

    instant hotel is the best thing on netflix right now

    7. Bondi is low-key a really cute name, even if you're not from Bondi.

    I just started Instant Hotel and I'm all in for this Australian shade

    8. Margaritas are the best drink in the world, and if you disagree, you get a 1/10 guest score.

    9. Babe is the queen of sexual innuendos.

    10. And Juliet is deserving of a royal title.

    *shows my friends instant hotel on @netflix once* my facebook group chat:

    11. Serena and Sturt make Brent and Leroy look like freakin' angels.

    Instant Hotel on Netflix is the most petty garbage nonsense I have ever seen and I love it.


    13. Although these two give them a run for their money.

    14. Even Leroy agrees!!!!

    Leroy said Shay had bad breeding #InstantHotel

    15. And it's ridiculous how much worse everyone was in the second round than the first round.

    16. Except for Bec and Tristan, of course.

    Actually, Lynn and Simon and Terry and Anita are fine, too.

    17. Most of all, even after watching all 12 episodes, this is still a mystery.