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    This Woman Perfectly Trolled Her Husband On His Wedding Ring

    "Put it back on."

    When Daniel Tallman married his wife Amanda in 2011, he picked a handsome tungsten wedding ring to seal their commitment.

    Daniel Tallman

    A nice, thick band, a diagonal stripe of diamonds, all very sleek and modern. Well done, Daniel!

    Amanda, however, had a slightly different plan. When they chose their rings, she slipped a note to the jeweler with a special request.

    Daniel saw her hand over the note, but, "I didn't think too much of it," he told BuzzFeed.

    Turns out, Amanda's request was this 👏amazing👏 inscription.

    Daniel Tallman

    "Put it back on," it says. When Daniel tried on his finished ring just before their wedding, he was totally surprised to see what his wife had done.

    Luckily, Daniel loved it. "That summarizes Amanda in a nutshell," Daniel said of the engraving. "We have a very fun and humorous relationship."

    Daniel Tallman

    "It makes marriage so much more enjoyable for us. We're often told by our friends that they hope to have a marriage as we do some day. I take great pride in that and we feel it's the greatest compliment that can be given about marriage."

    Earlier this week, nearly five years after their wedding, one of Daniel's friends posted the ring to Imgur and Reddit, where commenters weighed in with some of their own personal inscriptions.

    Daniel said he didn't put a message in his wife's ring, but if he did, it would say, "You're welcome!"