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    6 Facts That Might Actually Give You A Little Respect For Candy Corn

    The recipe is almost exactly the same as it was when it was invented in the 1880s.

    If you've ever had a pulse in the month of October, you probably have some opinions about candy corn.

    1. It has a corn shape because ~nature~-inspired candy was all the rage in the 1880s.

    2. At one time, it was called Chicken Feed.

    3. Amazingly, candy corn was more popular than regular corn when it was first invented.

    4. Originally, they were painstakingly made by hand, which led to their association with the fall.

    5. The recipe is basically the same as it was in the 1880s.

    6. And all these years later, even though it tears our nation asunder year after year, it's statistically pretty darn popular.