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What Random Fact Always Blows Your Mind?

Trivia is not trivial, y'all.

Sometimes, you hear a piece of trivia that is so fascinating, it turns your whole world upside down.


For instance, did you know that New York City is further south than Rome, Italy?

Adult Swim / Via

How about this: Originally, The Simpsons was going to reveal that Krusty the Clown was actually Homer in disguise.

FOX / Via, NBC / Via Twitter: @peenisseverlark

Show runners eventually dropped the storyline when it became too complicated, but note their striking shared resemblance.

And John Tyler, the 10th president, who was born in 1790? He has not one, but two grandsons that are still alive.

NBC / Via

Imagine if your grandfather was born in the 18th century!

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