16 Facts That Perfectly Explain Why Finland Is The Happiest Country On Earth

    So many trees, so many saunas.

    1. For starters, Finland is basically a natural wonderland. Case in point: forests cover more than 75% of its land area.

    2. And it has 187,888 lakes, the most of any country in the world.

    3. It's also so easy to see all of that nature because of a concept called jokamiehenoikeus, aka everyman's right, aka freedom to roam.

    4. That's why Finns spend a ridiculously large amount of time outside.

    5. It helps that a shocking amount people in Finland own summer cottages that let them spend extended time in the great outdoors.

    6. Anyway, Finns are also huge fans of going to the sauna as a way to bond and connect, which makes sense, because sauna is a Finnish word.

    7. Not only that, but spa hours are offered as a benefit for federal workers in need.

    8. Finland has the second-lowest mortality rate in the world, partially because babies there sleep in cardboard boxes.

    9. Parents also get some great advantages, like free public transportation if they're traveling with a child in a stroller.

    10. Denmark has hygge, Sweden has lagom, and Finland...Finland has Päntsdrunk.

    11. The country celebrates a Day of Failure to encourage people to try something new and make mistakes.

    12. Finland is really good at recycling.

    13. Aaand Finland offers free education all the way through university for Finns and citizens of other countries.

    14. Another nice, random tidbit? Finland was the first country to provide equal voting rights to women.

    15. Anyway, based on all of this, it shouldn't be too surprising that Finland is the happiest country in the world.

    16. Oh, and this is the president's dog.

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