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    31 Fall Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Try Immediately

    Crush these details like leaves under your shoes.

    1. Add fall leaves to your bouquet.

    2. Go bowling in a hay-lined alley.

    3. Throw on a cozy sweater over your wedding dress to stay warm.

    4. Or a glittery jacket, which will warm you up and make you look like a ~rockstar~.

    5. Accent a stunning, long-sleeved gown with a whimsical topper.

    6. Stick some autumn leaves into your hair.

    7. Or top off your updo with some cream and plum flowers.

    8. Dress up your bridesmaids in marsala-colored dresses.

    9. Give them flannels as a cute and practical bridesmaid gift.

    10. Or have them pair patterned tights with shorter dresses.

    11. Time to suit up? Get creative by mixing patterns and textures.

    12. Pin on these perfectly autumnal boutonnieres.

    13. Set out blankets for guests to keep them warm.

    14. Or offer up hand warmers to help them stay nice and toasty.

    15. Deck out your entire ceremony with candles and twinkly lights.

    16. Seriously, go all out with candles.

    17. And get downright leafy with your decor.

    18. Make a pretty (and cost-effective) ceremony backdrop with burlap.

    19. Dress up your tables in trendy tweed.

    20. Paint leaves gold for a show-stopping ceiling decoration.

    21. Offer guests a yummy snack with a popcorn bar.

    22. Serve deliciously seasonal doughnuts and apple cider.

    23. Go all out with fall-y figs.

    24. Toast with festive apple cider mimosas.

    25. Or wet your whistle with a maple bourbon cocktail.

    26. Sip drinks out of birch-print straws.

    27. Whip up these pumpkin hand pies for favors.

    28. Have guests sign a pumpkin guest book.

    29. Work in unexpected fall colors, like hot pink.

    30. Use kraft paper for disposable (and pretty!) placemats.

    31. And when the weather gets chilly, move the party into a tent.

    Happy fall!