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25 Secrets Chick-Fil-A Employees Will Never Tell You

Eat mor chikin like a pro.

1. Get the freshest sandwich possible by adding (or getting rid of) items:

2. It's possible to get crispy waffle fries if you just ask for them:

3. There's a secret super cheap menu item that has *gasp* no chicken:

4. You 👏 can 👏 add 👏 bacon 👏 to 👏 sandwiches:

5. There are lots of ways to scam your way into free food, like asking for chicken minis samples:

6. Downloading the Chick-Fil-A app gets you a free sandwich:

7. And apparently, there's no limit to how many accounts you can make:

8. You can also take a survey to get all the free food your stomach desires:

9. Try timing your visit to the end of breakfast to get some leftover biscuits for no extra charge:

10. Basically, if you're not getting free food at Chick-Fil-A, you're doing it wrong:

11. Mix and match milkshake flavors for an entry into Flavortown, USA:

12. Better yet, blend their *amazing* lemonade with vanilla ice cream at home for the drink of your dreams:

13. And if a cup of icy-cold lemonade isn't enough, get rid of the ice for extra juice:

14. Stop waiting in the drive-thru line, it's for suckers:


16. Even adults can customize kid's meals for maximum deliciousness:

17. Or to be kind to your wallet for once:

18. Or to just have a little fun!

19. Your favorite menu item might be available in bulk:

20. Even non-Chick-Fil-A foods can use a delicious, chickeny boost:

21. Because let's be real, their honey mustardy sauce makes everything better:

22. It goes with every kind of food:

23. And every kind of meal:

24. You get the idea:

25. And when in doubt, just get some Chick-Fil-A in your mouth, STAT: