10 Amazing Candid Wedding Moments You Won't Believe Were Captured On Camera

    The winners of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers' humor photography contest are pure gold.

    The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers just announced the winners of their quarterly photography competition.

    The contest includes a humor category, which has some delightfully WTF moments, like this horse sampling some fresh epidermis.

    And this brazen dog deciding that gravel is UGH SO YESTERDAY.

    Or this dog, who's a bit of a voyeur.

    This bride clearly doesn't think absinthe makes for a fun celebratory shot.

    And this groom let nothing stop him from growing a positively Merlin-esque beard.

    These newlyweds probably wanted a picture without a stranger's pubes in it.

    This woman's lunge for the bouquet is an acrobatic feat that deserves to be in Cirque du Soleil.

    This fisherman is a reminder that nothing is sacred.

    And finally, this groom's mother likely busted him on his wedding day for having a sex doll. Thank you, guy.

    See past winners in other categories like getting ready, first dance, and more here.