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    Now You Can Walk Through A Giant Cake Room And OMG It Looks Amazing

    It's like Willy Wonka's Factory IRL.

    Who among us *hasn't* fantasized about stepping into an edible room of candy and other assorted delights?

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Veruca Salt is all of us, TBH.

    Well, our collective prayers have been answered! You can now experience 7,000 square feet of floor-to-ceiling CAKE.

    Break Bread L.A.

    The room is open in L.A. from now until March 12.

    Think Tank Gallery opened the installation on Feb. 13. Keith Magruder (Baker’s Son) and Banksy collaborator Scott Hove combined forces to dream up the concept.

    Break Bread L.A.

    Inside the sprawling space, aka Break Bread L.A., sugar-happy visitors can tour the cake chambers and play around in mirror mazes during the day and attend ticketed events at night.

    Break Bread L.A.


    Hove worked with Banksy on last summer's Dismaland, and his new project incorporates similarly creepy elements into a sweet-seeming display.

    Break Bread L.A.

    "To contrast that 'bougie' cake look, I collect items that have an inherent violence, but beauty at the same time," Hove explained in a video. "That’s why I choose things like switchblades, wolf jaws, and leopard jaws. Even though they are plastic, they possess a real fierce quality that affects us on a very deep level."

    Like so.

    But there's a catch! The "hood Candy Land" looks like a sweet tooth's dream/diabetic's nightmare, but unlike Willy Wonka's Factory, it's not actually edible.

    Break Bread L.A.

    The exhibit was created using wood and mixed acrylic media with fake fruit and Swarovski rhinestone detailing.

    Even though you can't see your cake and eat it too, it looks pretty freaking cool, regardless.

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Right, Brucey?

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