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    These Pictures Of Surfing Dogs Will Cure You Of All That Ails You


    The world needs as much good news as it can get right now, which is why everyone needs to drop everything, park their behinds on the closest chair, and soak up every detail of this weekend's Dog Surfing Championship.

    This #surferdog made it from far out with a whale breaching in the background. Fun coastal competition…

    Yes, you read that right. DOG SURFING!!!

    Sugar the Huntington Beach surf dog! 🐶

    The self-described "premier dog surfing event in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area" went down on Aug. 5 at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California, and it had everything.

    Dogs dressed in their competition finest for the cutthroat contest, in which — you guessed it — they got on surfboards and coasted toward the shore.

    Turns out, it's highly entertaining to watch dogs go surfing!

    World Championships of Dog Surfing. You're welcome.

    Some pooches apparently commanded more attention than others.

    And others, like Abbie, got to bring home trophies, bragging rights, and hopefully a lot of treats and belly rubs.

    But honestly? They're all winners!

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