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An Eight-Months Pregnant Bridesmaid Went Into Labor The Morning Of Her Friend's Wedding

One extra bridal party member, coming right up!

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Just hours before Bernadette Beahan was set to marry her husband Jamie in Brisbane, Australia, on Oct. 17, she got a call she wasn't expecting.

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It was Melissa White, Beahon's bridesmaid and friend of six years, calling to say she was in labor.

"There were a lot of mixed emotions when it all happened on the morning. Obviously I was super happy for her but also sad she couldn’t be there,” Beahan told The Motherish.

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White wasn't due for another five weeks, so it came as a surprise to both women.

“When she called me, I think we both sat on the phone crying to each other for five minutes. I had a lot of joy and happiness for her and her partner, but again it was sad she couldn’t be there getting ready with us," Beahan said.

White gave birth to her son Hunter within an hour of the call. Beahon knew she had to visit them, so despite her morning-of preparations, she and her other bridesmaids made shit happen.

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"I rang my hair and makeup artist and said they had to push everything forward so I could squeeze in seeing her. It was amazing. The nursing staff were taking photos of us in our dresses," she said.


They made it back to the venue in time for the ceremony, and Beahan said the rest of the "perfect day" went smoothly.

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“[Melissa and Hunter] are doing well. We now share the best date ever and it’s brought us closer together,” she told The Motherish.