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    An Eight-Months Pregnant Bridesmaid Went Into Labor The Morning Of Her Friend's Wedding

    One extra bridal party member, coming right up!

    Just hours before Bernadette Beahan was set to marry her husband Jamie in Brisbane, Australia, on Oct. 17, she got a call she wasn't expecting.

    "There were a lot of mixed emotions when it all happened on the morning. Obviously I was super happy for her but also sad she couldn’t be there,” Beahan told The Motherish.

    White gave birth to her son Hunter within an hour of the call. Beahon knew she had to visit them, so despite her morning-of preparations, she and her other bridesmaids made shit happen.

    Beahan's photographer, Talitha Rice, came along and snapped incredible pictures.

    Beahan also brought White her bridesmaid bouquet so she would still feel included in the big day.

    They made it back to the venue in time for the ceremony, and Beahan said the rest of the "perfect day" went smoothly.