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This Guy Made A Harry Potter Pensieve As A Wedding Gift For His Wife

Accio, memories!

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Matthew and Janine Brocone are pretty big fans of the whole Harry Potter thing, you could say.

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"She got me the first book and made me promise her that I’d read it, and that was all it took," Matthew told BuzzFeed News. "I’ve read the books twice, and she’s read them probably 3-4 times. We’ve seen the movies countless times, and are trying to plan a trip to Harry Potter World."

So for their wedding two years ago, Matthew made his wife the most personal gift he could think of — a Potter-esque Pensieve, which is an object used to revisit memories.

Matthew Brocone

Thanks to a grueling medical school residency and fellowship, Matthew only recently shared his work of art on Imgur, where it was a huge hit.

The project ended up taking "a few weeks" to complete. It was a pure labor of love for Matthew, who took pottery classes so he could make the exact type of bowl he wanted.

Matthew Brocone

"The bowl was something that initially I was going to buy," he said. "Pottery was something I always thought sounded fun, and after leaving a few stores frustrated, I decided just to make it myself. I wandered into a local pottery shop and described to the lady what I was hoping to do. She thought it sounded fun and told me she’d do everything to help me."

The other pièce de résistance was the collection of 70 or so "memory bottles", vials that contained pieces of paper with memories from their relationship.

Matthew Brocone

"I tried out several sizes and shapes that didn’t work, and I was also trying to figure out how to have her 'grab' them," Matthew said. "My first thought was a hook, but that wasn’t nearly magical enough (and I knew that the bottles would get stuck together)."


His solution? Providing Janine with her own Ollivander's-quality wand to select the memory bottles with.

Matthew Brocone

Matthew glued magnets to the bottles and the end of the wand so that it would look a little more magical.

"She definitely cried," Matthew said of Janine's reaction to seeing the finished product the day before their wedding.

Matthew Brocone

"We did the traditional 'you don’t see each other before the ceremony' thing, so we exchanged gifts in the morning the day before the wedding," Matthew said. "I hid the package (with Hedwig on top of it) by the front door. Then, I pretended like I heard a sound by the front door and told her that she needed to go check to see if she got a special delivery."