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    This Guy Made A Harry Potter Pensieve As A Wedding Gift For His Wife

    Accio, memories!

    Matthew and Janine Brocone are pretty big fans of the whole Harry Potter thing, you could say.

    So for their wedding two years ago, Matthew made his wife the most personal gift he could think of — a Potter-esque Pensieve, which is an object used to revisit memories.

    The project ended up taking "a few weeks" to complete. It was a pure labor of love for Matthew, who took pottery classes so he could make the exact type of bowl he wanted.

    The other pièce de résistance was the collection of 70 or so "memory bottles", vials that contained pieces of paper with memories from their relationship.

    His solution? Providing Janine with her own Ollivander's-quality wand to select the memory bottles with.

    See? Pure wizardry.

    "She definitely cried," Matthew said of Janine's reaction to seeing the finished product the day before their wedding.

    He made sure to include an extra set of bottles for memories they'll make in the future, which is enough to make even a Dementor melt into a puddle.

    This may give Amortentia a run for its money.