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Posted on Oct 2, 2015

A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer From 17 Years Ago Just Got Married

In the same church and everything!

Adrian Franklin wasn't thrilled about his future wife Brooke when they met 17 years ago.

Stephanie Beavers

They first met in church, and when Adrian was told he was the ring bearer to her flower girl in a family friend's wedding, "I was devastated. I was like, 'tell me I don't have to walk down the aisle with her!" he told WBTV.

Brooke, on the other hand, developed a crush on cute little Adrian, but he was not interested.

Brooke Franklin

She told BuzzFeed Life that it was pretty much love at first sight for her, but her outspoken and energetic personality didn't vibe with Adrian's more reserved nature. "She was kind of a brat" he told BuzzFeed Life. "I was always trying to get away from her and run from her and hide from her."

They mostly fell out of touch until a fateful middle school trip.

Stephanie Beavers

"We went on a church trip together, and she caught my eye with her laugh, and this time, her personality got to me," he told BuzzFeed Life. Four years later, he finally asked her out.

Their relationship was practically inevitable: Both admit that they thought about the other during other relationships, and Brooke's mother even contacted Adrian's best friend to set them up.

"When we finally went out in August of 2011, I knew he was the one. I just fell in love that minute," Brooke said. Adrian proposed last November.

They got married at South Gastonia Church of God in North Carolina on September 19 — the same church where they'd been flower girl and ring bearer.

Stephanie Beavers

(Both had been attending the church for years, so they didn't choose it for sentimental reasons.)

The bride from the wedding they were in together attended their wedding, but before she did, she gave them the best present they could ask for. "We kind of forgot that we were in the wedding together and she brought the photos to us a month before our wedding and asked, 'Do you remember this?'" Brooke told BuzzFeed Life.

She let them keep the photos, which now hang in their house.

Even better? Brooke said their flower girl and ring bearer might repeat history.

Stephanie Beavers

"He did not like her very much, but I think that she kind of liked him," she said. They wouldn't walk arm in arm, but a guest saw the flower girl try to kiss the ring bearer.

"The mother of the flower girl texted me after the wedding and said, 'I guess I need to get to know the ring bearer a little more after your story,'" Brooke said.

Make it happen, kiddos!

Brooke Franklin (left), Stephanie Beavers (right)
Brooke Franklin (left), Stephanie Beavers (right)
Brooke Franklin (left), Stephanie Beavers (right)