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    If You Like Gravity Blankets, You'll Love This Zero-Gravity Beanbag Chair

    The inventors of the Gravity Blanket are back with a new product.

    Perhaps you've heard of Gravity Blankets, aka weighted blankets that can help you feel comforted, relaxed and calm — and ideally, help you sleep faster and better.

    Well now, there's a Kickstarter for another cozy item that promises to chill you out into a sleepy, zen-like state: the Moon Pod.

    The Moon Pod, which was created by the same inventor as Gravity Blankets, is basically a beanbag chair that uses high-friction microbeads to deliver a weightless sensation when you sit or lay on it.

    That zero-gravity feeling is meant to provide all day relaxation — or, at the very least, a very comfy sitting situation.

    The Moon Pod can be used three different ways: as a chair, a recliner, or a nap pod.

    Plus! When you're done with it, it can be packed up in a compact sack.

    The Moon Pod is still in Kickstarter phase, but considering it's already raised $185,382 of its $21,500 goal, they'll hopefully start making the pods before you can say "zero gravity."