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    24 Stunning Wedding Cakes That Won 2016

    These are the icing on the cake of a terrible year.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. This rustic cake dripping with forest fruits.

    Cagdas Yoldas

    Created by Aysem Oztas of Butterfly Wedding.

    2. This completely dazzling geode cake that's pretty much mind-blowing.

    Ali N. Garrett / Via Intricate Icings Cake Design

    3. This elegant mint, peach, and gold cake.

    De la Creme Studio / Via

    Created by De la Creme Studio.

    4. This gray cake with delicate sprigs of flowers and greens.

    Krista A. Jones Photography and Design / Via

    5. This woodsy cake with an amazing plaid design on the inside.

    Hazelwood Photo / Via

    Created by Artisan Cake Company.

    6. This Art Deco-inspired bejeweled cake.

    7. This gorgeous metallic gold cake with pink ombré drizzle.

    Faye Cahill Cake Design / Via

    8. This delightfully whimsical cake decked out with butterflies and flowers.

    Marion Heurteboust Photography / Via

    Created by Nevie-Pie Cakes.

    9. This mouthwatering cinnamon bun cake that's perfect for a brunch wedding.

    Rosencrown Photography / Via

    Created by Rosycakes Bakery.

    10. This one-tier cake dripping with caramel sauce.

    Petra Veikkola Photography / Via

    Created by Gaggui.

    11. This sky-high cake with a mesmerizing geometric pattern.

    Mille Holloman Photography / Via

    Created by The Art of Cake.

    12. This understated cake with an intricate lace design.

    The Enchanting Cake Company / Via

    13. This ombré white, blue, and gold cake.

    Cake by Nicole / Via

    Created by Cake by Nicole.

    14. This painted cake that's as classy as a set of china.

    Sparrow Photography / Via

    15. This watercolor cake that's ideal for a spring garden wedding.

    Sylvie Gil Photography / Via

    Created by The Whole Cake.

    16. This wintry cake that looks as cozy as a sweater.

    LV Imagery / Via

    Created by Le Dolci.

    17. This whimsical cake with wings and beaded detailing.

    Anna Krasovskaia / Via

    Created by Anna Krasovskaia.

    18. This hand-painted floral cake that practically belongs in a museum.

    Matthew Bishop Photography / Via

    Created by Nevie-Pie Cakes.

    19. This thoroughly modern marbled cake with a geometric pattern.

    Laura Kelly Photography / Via

    Created by The Cake Whisperer.

    20. This lovely, all-white orchid cake.

    Rosalind Miller / Via

    Created by Rosalind Miller.

    21. This funky, four-tiered cake with marbling and flower petals.

    Krista Mason Photography / Via

    Created by Hey There, Cupcake!.

    22. This enchanting cake that's perfect for a winter wedding.

    Tortik Annushka / Via

    Created by Tortik Annushka.

    23. This hand-painted cake inspired by Japanese artwork.

    Victoria Made / Via

    Created by Victoria Made.

    24. And this gorgeous, five-tier cake with amazing sugar flowers.

    Rosalind Miller / Via

    Created by Rosalind Miller.

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