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    16 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About The White House Easter Egg Roll

    Sean Spicer wore the Easter Bunny costume during the George W. Bush administration.

    1. First things first: It's an Easter egg roll, not an Easter egg hunt.

    2. And an Easter egg roll is basically a race where you compete to push eggs down the White House lawn with a spoon.

    3. People have been rolling Easter eggs around Washington, DC, since the 1800s.

    4. The very first White House Easter Egg Roll happened after Congress passed a law that literally demanded local youths get off their lawn.

    5. Since Capitol police threatened to enforce the law even for children, President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy opened up the White House gates for festivities two years later, in 1878.

    6. When Grover Cleveland was president, revelers waltzed right into the White House for a little extra Easter fun.

    7. Black children weren't allowed to attend until 1954, when first lady Mamie Eisenhower invited them to participate.

    8. These days, anyone can enter the lottery to attend the annual White House party, and more than 35,000 tickets are usually distributed.

    9. The Easter Bunny didn't make an appearance until 1969.

    10. And current press secretary Sean Spicer once served as the White House Easter Bunny.

    #neverforget #WhiteHousebunny @seanspicer

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    Guess who!

    11. There's been an Easter Egg Roll nearly every Easter Monday since the Hayes' first one.

    12. The practice of using real eggs stopped during the Ford administration because they "could be smelled three square miles away."

    13. The Reagans had their famous friends autograph wooden eggs during their time in the White House, and wooden eggs have been the norm ever since.

    14. Now, all attendees under the age of 12 get a free souvenir egg on their way out.

    15. Aside from the actual egg roll, other games and activities also happen during the big day, and those change from year to year.

    16. And finally, here's a sneak peek of the 2017 eggs:

    And then there was gold! So proud of the Wells team for their hard work in bringing this year's project to life. Lo…