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    16 Completely WTF Old Pictures Of People At The Beach

    Doing a puzzle at the beach seems like a great idea!

    1. This lady working on a puzzle, because sand is a perfect flat surface and the pieces definitely won't get lost.

    2. And this one, doing a casual crossword on an umbrella.

    3. What is it with crosswords at the beach?

    4. group hang.

    5. These people simply refusing to let a high tide get in the way of finishing their correspondence.

    6. These women changing into their bathing suits in trusty tubes of fabric.

    Doesn't it look fun?!

    7. And these people using bathing machines, aka small rooms on wagons where they could change in private, and then have a horse pull it right into the water.

    8. This school group learning the basics of watercolor, right next to the water!

    9. This gal tooting away on a big 'ole sax.

    10. These young ladies ignoring the physics of friction and playing a new sport, sand pool.

    11. These poor, innocent elephants being subjected to the snoozefest that is cricket.


    12. This dude going for a spin in a giant ass tire.

    13. This woman levitating?!?!

    14. These coeds giving stilts a whirl, because running in the sand is just too easy.

    15. This lass honing her trusty harpooning skills.

    16. And — actually, you know what? I'm good.


    An earlier version of this post referred to a saxophone as a trumpet.